The top specialist diet spots in New York

Do you have a specialist diet? Travelling with dietary restrictions used to be a nightmare waiting to happen, but that certainly isn’t the case anymore. Flying to New York and got dietary requirements? No worries, as there is bound to be a restaurant that caters for you, whether you are raw, vegan or gluten free. So, read on to discover our favourite specialist diet restaurants in New York…



Vegan: Dirt Candy

One of the more popular specialist diets, vegans refuse to consume any animal products, such as meat and dairy. As it’s a more popular dietary choice, finding restaurants that cater to this diet are relatively easy to find. In fact, most vegetarian restaurants in the city generally have vegan options, too.

Our favourite vegan restaurant is the ever-popular Dirt Candy on 430 e. 9th st. It does some amazing vegan dishes with an unusual twist, such as coconut poached tofu and smoked broccoli dogs. The place is tiny, so book ahead to make sure you get a table.

Raw: Pure Food and Wine

Slightly more niche, the raw food diet consists of foods that are stored, prepared and served at 46º C or lower. This ensures that the natural enzymes in the food are preserved, which aids in digestion.

Raw eaters love Pure Food and Wine on Irving place. It serves up some spectacular fayre that can silence even the most passionate raw critic. Their famous raw lasagne is an absolute must.

Gluten Free: S’MAC

Lots of foods contain gluten: such as bread, pasta, baked goods and various sauces. Finding gluten free food can sometimes be a nightmare, but luckily in New York you have plenty of choice.

If you have to stick to the gluten free diet, you might think that delicious treats like macaroni cheese would be off the menu… But not so. At S’MAC, they have perfected their gluten free version so that it tastes just as cheesy, creamy and indulgent as its regular counterpart. It’s a great place to try if you are craving a comfort food fix!

No matter what dietary requirements you have, there is bound to be an eatery in the big apple that caters for you. So go on, chow down!

Images by Geoff Peters and llsimon53 through creative commons license.

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